Use Your Past to Create Your Future

This is a valuable idea that I have gotten on board from Jeff and Kane, at the Untold Secrets of Industry Rockstar event. 

I realized that most successful people are great at Personal Branding, making themselves the money magnet that attract people, circumstances, opportunities  resources and etc to realise their dreams.

I wonder how did they managed to do that. And how other people can’t do.

What actually is their secret?

I noticed the difference between myself and those who can’t achieve.

Due to my good behavior and results in my past, I get in contact with many great people easily who is willing to teach me things that I am interested in and allowing me to explore myself more and more while learning from them.

I love to model successful people in how do they managed to see things in different lights and able to turn things around when things aren’t working well for them.

Yes, I am in the process of making myself a valuable asset for my family, for my community, for the world and of course, for the next generation of human kind.

Bob Proctor says, if you can find out the problem that most people have and solve them, nothing can stop you from becoming who you want to be. 

I realized lots of people do not think, they just like to follow the crowd and do things that are assumed to be true and supposed to be done.

And yet the key to creating the life that you want is by thinking, thinking and thinking, with a strong intensity of emotions, through an extensive period of time. 

This is how I managed to earned enough money for my UK and Europe study and travelling trip.

I really able to think and grow rich, all by myself. 

This is pretty amazing! I actually know how to do all those stuffs thought in the books of bestsellers without actually reading and learning them in the first place!


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