24 Carat Gold Facial Serum

24 Carat Gold Facial Serum

The stunning Egyptian Queen Cleopetra has been putting on a think layer of 24K Gold Mask every night to achieve her desired anti aging results.

As the gold serum / mask enters the skin, it removes fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the nature of gold metal in fighting free radicals, it works best as an anti aging serum too.

Gold also works on strengthening elastin which can prevent the occasion of sagging skin later when you reaches the age of 40s.

When the gold-glycoprotein reaches the skin’s basal layer, cells will instantly repair and rejuvenates. Skin cells are found to grow at a faster rate, causing skin to feel tight and firm. Gold also aids in reducing inflammation underneath the skin, which in turn slow melanin secretion and erase dark spot over time.

Experience the Anti Aging Power of a True 24 Carat Gold Serum

Try Our Premiere Gold Formula to Rejuvenate and Tone Aging Skin

– Gold particles in Yeast Extract are linked together with carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes and co-enzymes to enhance collagen and elastin production

– Contains Pentavitin, a highly effective moisturizer containing naturally occurring carbohydrates. It is famous for its instant, deep hydration, moisturizes your skin round-the-clock up to 72h.

-Treasure Beauty also contains Rose Essential Oil, one of the best known and oldest essential oils. With its high levels of vitamin C, rose essential oil

is known to lighten and combat the effects of skin discoloration by effectively remove dark spot.

All of Our Ingredients Are Bio-Available:

– Our active ingredients carry our patented Protein Intrinsic Signal Technology

– Protein Intrinsic Signals carry the correct information and structure for the cells, allowing them to respond naturally.

– Nutrients will not only be absorbed, they will be transported to the right place to be utilized by the skin where they are needed most.


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