Success Quotes – 李嘉诚 (Sir Ka-shing Li)

Success Quotes - 李嘉诚 (Sir Ka-shing Li)

Success Quotes – 李嘉诚 (Sir Ka-shing Li), Right or Wrong


I love collecting quotes, especially from successful people:

Here’s quotes from Sir Ka-shing Li – the richest people in Hong Kong with a huge business empire.



[I am not good in speaking] – WRONG: Nobody is borned with great speaking skills. Speakers and trainers on stage have practiced multiple times to reach the level of success they reach.
[I have no money] – WRONG: Not having no money, and yet do not have a millionaire mind, PLUS spending money on liabilities that do not generate returns in investments. Most people spend money on entertainment, causing their expenses more than their income. They continue living the same lifestyle over and over again, without plans to getting rich.

[I am not capable / not good enough] – WRONG: Biggest problem people have is not willing to undergo training – when people are spending their time and effort in finding ways and know how, most people do not follow through and give up in the middle of the way.

[I have no time] WRONG: When the successful people are busy reading, learning and listening – most people are watching television and playing games, spending same amount of time on unnecessary activities.


[I have no mood] – WRONG: To be successful, you must be willing to do things that you are not comfortable with in order to be comfortable.

Success do not come when mood fluctuates.

[I have no interest] – WRONG: If you are only interested to enjoy what success gives without putting in any effort as a compensation, you are merely dreaming a wishful dream.

【7:做事时总喜欢说我考虑考虑】错:不要考虑了-做对的事-坚持做10年? ㄧ定会成功。
[I need to consider first] – WRONG: Opportunities do not wait. Do the right thing for 10 years, you will be who you want to be very soon.


Success and Failure are 2 side of the same coin. As the coin accumulates, you have the power to decide which side of the coin faces you.


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