21st Century NLP

The greatest wonder in the world are human thoughts. 
Thoughts reside in our mind. 
And yet how many people actually know about how their marvelous mind works.
As per the law of universe, Thoughts are things. 

Thoughts create perception.

Perceptions are created from within, 
shaping our external reality.

As a 100 Dreams Coach,
Sook Yen Wong will be your host here
guiding you along the way to
creating a life with force and momentum.

Here we combine our understanding of personal branding and mind body connection, in helping you to create a powerful and congruent unique YOU. 

Before working on your personal brand, we will find out the dynamic framework of your mind. 
You will understand clearly how perception creates our reality 
so that you can use it to your unfair advantage!

Its often things that we don’t know that
we don’t know makes the difference ~

Get a Complimentary Reality Creation and Personal Brand Optimization assessment worth RM100 to use your past to get your future:

You will get to learn to:

1) Understand the operations of your mind
2) Creating a unique YOU
3) Identify what’s stopping your momentum
4) Managing perceptions of self and others
5) Discover methods for overcoming obstacles along your ways


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